Saturday, January 8, 2011

my first

this is my first blog- is it like a kiss? will I always remember? cuz that's a lot of pressure- hoping I get so good at this that one day next year I look back at this and cringe a little and think "wasn't that cute in a pathetic sort of way"- so here goes-- I think I'm supposed to write the "about me " stuff somewhere else but I don't really know where that is so I will do it here- (kind of like my puppy- peeing right here- kind of know it should be somewhere else but whatever :)) I am 41 years old-married- 4 children -1 cat- 1 dog- 1 frog- 2 hamsters- the dog is relatively new (4 months) and I  really like her-  my husband is Rick- 2 oldest children are in  college, Drew 21 and Eden 20- my 2 youngest are Teagan 9 and Brodie 4-- and I suspect most of my writings will be about them because ( and just so you know I paused here like 5 minutes because I don't really know why) I am hoping this spot will be like a big table to spread out everything thats in my head and sort it  cuz there really isnt enuf room in my head to do this properly--its kinda squishy in there--- thats my goal- yup yup

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