Sunday, January 30, 2011


looking for my motivation- when i write my list of things to do and I write how long it should take me i come up with 4 hours and 20 min-- not everything mind you-- just the basic stuff i should do to keep the house in order and everyone in a good place to start the week (ie backpacks packed -laundry done - random crap out of the car)  so if i had gotten up and done it by noon i would have been sittin pretty but i have absolutely positively no ambition-- i hate feeling like this -- it always feels like it will always feel like this -- i know it wont -- the motivation will eventually come back-- i just wish i knew how that worked-- should i just indulge myself and sit on the couch with tea and tv or a book (and NOT feel guilt)-or do i push myself to accomplish SOMETHING cuz at least i will have that-- what makes the oomph come back quicker?-- --- i'm going to try the tea and book-- i'll let you know how it goes--yup yup

Monday, January 17, 2011

four of my friends this week asked me for help getting organized and I find this so ironic because my new years resolution was to get more organized -- hence the  I guess organization is kind of like happiness - it comes in little snippets -- you can't be 100% organized 100% of the time - just like you can't be 100% happy 100% of the time -- the goal is to create some great moments - so in creating those great organized moments I guess I would have to start with what is working and what is not- everyone has their own bar - their own comfort zone -- make a list of what is bothering you- doesn't matter how you make the list or if you see any connection in the entries - just list the things that arent working -- when you come home, are you frustrated with where to put things , is there a pile by the front door? this might be a good place to start-- the key is to make sure you have sufficient room to do what you need to do-- is there enuf room to put your keys? your bag? papers? boots? -- you are going to have those things everyday, make sure you have a place to put them-TAKE THE TIME TO MAKE A SPACE FOR YOUR STUFF -- organization is like losing weight-- everyone knows how it works (eat less exercise more) its just about finding something that works for you and is not so far from your normal pattern of life that you can't stick to it-- and just like the weight thing (and the happiness thing) its not going to be 100% perfect 100% of the time- we are going for about 75/25--I think I'm going to blog about this -- organizing your life -- that will keep me inspired- which after all is all you need ,  something to be enthusiastic about :)  so today make your list --WHAT IS BUGGING YOU ? and than we will have starting point-yup yup

Friday, January 14, 2011


on the about me bit -- we are down to one hamster--life/death - so many lessons for the little people-Brodie doesnt think the hamster is in heaven because he is too little and would fall through the clouds- (he also thinks God is a boy cuz if he was a girl we would call her Goddy.. ????.... kaaayy- but that realization did not come before he asked in childrens church if God was a girl or a boy and when the pastor did not give a definitive answer he whispered to me quite loudly " well does it have a pee pee or a china?" thats my boy- yup yup
 I have realized that we just keep learning the same things over and over again just from slightly different perspectives- like we are going around the same tree, just making wider circles and if we stop and look up we see that we've been here before, we're just a little further removed this time around- we still deal with all the same feelings of inadequacy and self doubt that we experienced as teens only they are a little more refined now - the lack of experience justified our doubts then and the abundance of experience justifies our doubts now- - I saw a bumper sticker that said "the only normal people are the ones you dont know yet" - yup yup -how stinkin true is that- we look at people and assume from their actions house children car makeup calendar take your pick that they have a plan, they are all put together , they know what they are doing, they are comfortable with themselves when in all actuality we look like that for certain snippets of time too! life is a very messy business and so is growth - may we all be blessed enough to realize that -- really realize (make it real) i~~~~~ we are the normal ones baby! you and me~yup yup!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

my first

this is my first blog- is it like a kiss? will I always remember? cuz that's a lot of pressure- hoping I get so good at this that one day next year I look back at this and cringe a little and think "wasn't that cute in a pathetic sort of way"- so here goes-- I think I'm supposed to write the "about me " stuff somewhere else but I don't really know where that is so I will do it here- (kind of like my puppy- peeing right here- kind of know it should be somewhere else but whatever :)) I am 41 years old-married- 4 children -1 cat- 1 dog- 1 frog- 2 hamsters- the dog is relatively new (4 months) and I  really like her-  my husband is Rick- 2 oldest children are in  college, Drew 21 and Eden 20- my 2 youngest are Teagan 9 and Brodie 4-- and I suspect most of my writings will be about them because ( and just so you know I paused here like 5 minutes because I don't really know why) I am hoping this spot will be like a big table to spread out everything thats in my head and sort it  cuz there really isnt enuf room in my head to do this properly--its kinda squishy in there--- thats my goal- yup yup