Sunday, January 30, 2011


looking for my motivation- when i write my list of things to do and I write how long it should take me i come up with 4 hours and 20 min-- not everything mind you-- just the basic stuff i should do to keep the house in order and everyone in a good place to start the week (ie backpacks packed -laundry done - random crap out of the car)  so if i had gotten up and done it by noon i would have been sittin pretty but i have absolutely positively no ambition-- i hate feeling like this -- it always feels like it will always feel like this -- i know it wont -- the motivation will eventually come back-- i just wish i knew how that worked-- should i just indulge myself and sit on the couch with tea and tv or a book (and NOT feel guilt)-or do i push myself to accomplish SOMETHING cuz at least i will have that-- what makes the oomph come back quicker?-- --- i'm going to try the tea and book-- i'll let you know how it goes--yup yup

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